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Murderous Liaisons

Buxton Opera House Derbyshire
2nd June – 6th June 2015

Written by Brian Clemens

Directed by Steve Livermore

Cast: Gemma Bissix | Jamie Thompson | John-Henry Keating

Murderous Liaisons is a three-hander set in an isolated Spanish villa about a mile from Marbella. Suzy arranges for Larry to go to the villa while her husband Alex is away and proposes that Larry should steal her husband's valuables to fund a new life for them far away from Alex. But what starts out as a simple theft, soon rapidly spirals into an intrigue of diamonds, murder, bluff and double-bluff.

Needless to say that none of the characters is what he or she seem on the surface as the twists and turns of the plots and counter-plots are cleverly and intricately weaved into a web of deceit, deception and dissimulation, right to the very end of this exciting thriller.

Murderous Liaisons is written by Brian Clemens, hugely talented creator of television's The Avengers and The Professionals.

Murderous Liaisons