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Past Productions


A brand new adaptation of Raymond Briggs' seasonal classic graphic novel Father Christmas...

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Holly is just an ordinary eight year old girl from Kendal…and she thinks she knows a secret...

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Climb aboard the magic carpet for Elite Productions' fabulous new interpretation of the classic Aladdin pantomime...

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Holly is just an ordinary eight year old girl…and she thinks she knows a secret...

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Home at Seven is a 1950 British mystery play by R.C. Sheriff. David Preston returns home from work to his wife Janet to find that 24 hours have elapsed...

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The emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers who fall in love over the course of five years...

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Murderous Liaisons is a three-hander set in an isolated Spanish villa about a mile from Marbella. Suzy arranges for Larry to go to the villa...

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After 28 days of being locked up for a mental health assessment, Christopher is due for release, but when one doctor forcefully tries to block his release...

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The Club-A-Go-Go, run by Eric 'Rubber legs' DeVere, a faded rock star, is where "the action is" on Saturday night, which means chatting-up...

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Book Tickets: Nationwide Tour Autumn 2016

6th – 7th September Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield

12th – 17th September Theatre Royal, Windsor

20th – 24th September Grand Theatre, Swansea

3rd – 5th October Forum Theatre, Billingham

17th – 19th October Grimsby Auditorium

24th – 26th October Shanklin Theatre, Isle of Wight

1st – 5th November Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

14th – 15th November Opera House, BuxtoN